I'm a computer guy. I've been programming since the early 80s, starting with BASIC on a Commodore Pet. I've worked on HPUX, BSD and various other *nix as well as Windows since 3.0. My new work provides Apple laptops, but I've never learned to use a Mac. How hard can it be?


  • One finger click - this is the most common, of course - clicks an item/object/icon; do it twice to get a double-click, of course
  • Two finger click - this is one I've wondered about for a LONG time - gets you the 'context menu' for the thing you click; I'll probably be using this a lot for LastPass
  • Two fingers left - back (in web browser, at least Chrome)
  • Two fingers right - forward (in web browser, at least Chrome, if there is 'forward' URL history)
  • Three fingers left/right - rotate through Dashboard, Desktop, and any maximized windows; note that the fingers have to be lined up with each other horizontally
  • Two fingers up or down - scroll; my current settings cause it to act like moving the scrollbar's "thumb" in the direction the fingers are moved
I believe some of these are app specific, and some probably can be changed in settings, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

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