I'm a computer guy. I've been programming since the early 80s, starting with BASIC on a Commodore Pet. I've worked on HPUX, BSD and various other *nix as well as Windows since 3.0. My new work provides Apple laptops, but I've never learned to use a Mac. How hard can it be?

Keyboard Shortcuts

Generally, the command button mirrors the control key in Windows, so:
  • Cmd-C: Copy
  • Cmd-V: Paste
  • Cmd-X: Cut
  • Cmd-P: Print
  • Cmd-A: Select All
  • Cmd-Z: Undo
  • Cmd-left arrow: beginning of line
  • Cmd-right arrow: end of line
  • Cmd-up arrow: top of page/text field/doc
  • Cmd-down arrow: bottom of page/text field/doc
The option or alt key also has some useful options, although it doesn't seem to mirror the Windows Alt key quite as closely (not that all of the above happen in Windows):
  • Option-left arrow: one word (or word-like snippet) left
  • Option-right arrow: one word right
  • Option-up arrow: one line up
  • Option-down arrow: one line down
Cmd-Alt-Esc, Apple's version of the three-fingered salute, only supplies a single function, which is to display the 'force quit' application.  The Windows three-finger salute, Ctrl-Alt-Del, offers a number of functions.  Cmd-Alt-Esc also can be done with two fingers on one hand, where Ctrl-Alt-Del tends to require three fingers and for many people even two hands.

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