I'm a computer guy. I've been programming since the early 80s, starting with BASIC on a Commodore Pet. I've worked on HPUX, BSD and various other *nix as well as Windows since 3.0. My new work provides Apple laptops, but I've never learned to use a Mac. How hard can it be?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

And we're off!

I stopped by the office today to pick up the laptop.  It is a MacBook Pro.  I know this because it has a label below the bottom of the screen that says so.  Had some really nice conversations with the new boss, a new co-worker and some new co-workers whom I've known for years and worked with before.

So far, I've gotten logged in, changed the password, put it on my home wifi, installed Chrome, installed LastPass, and started playing a bit.  LastPass doesn't auto-fill the Chrome login, but it still is working at least in some sites within Chrome, such as Facebook.

Logged into Gmail and while answering an email started looking for the 'end' key.  And the 'home' key for that matter.  So here are some shortcuts I've figured out...  I understand some of these can be changed, but I haven't gotten into the preferences/settings at all yet, except to change the password.
  • Scrolling - two fingers up or down
  • Two fingers left or right (at least in Chrome) - back/forward in URL list (doing this by accident will probably suck if you're in the middle of a long email or other post...)
  • Command-up and Command-down jump to the beginning or end of the text, Command-right and command-left to the beginning or end of the line
  • Option (or alt) left and right seems to do a word at a time (up/down seems to go a line at a time)
  • Three fingers left/right seems to move among maximized windows, the desktop, and something called the dashboard.  Not sure what that is yet.
  • Going to take some time to get used to the command button - C, V, X, Z, A all seem to do the expected (copy, paste, cut, undo, select all), but the command button isn't in the 'right' place on the keyboard.
My co-workers were talking about the convoluted sequence for screenshots, and I've already determined that my favorite text editor (TextPad) is Windows only.  Going to have to look at text editors at some point, but I'm not convinced I'll need one to the same degree I have, in my new role.  We shall see.

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