I'm a computer guy. I've been programming since the early 80s, starting with BASIC on a Commodore Pet. I've worked on HPUX, BSD and various other *nix as well as Windows since 3.0. My new work provides Apple laptops, but I've never learned to use a Mac. How hard can it be?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hands On Keyboard ... errrrr ... Trackpad

At a friend's house in Salt Lake City yesterday, I had a few minutes to play with his MacBook.  He imported all the pictures I took of his daughter's wedding photos from my camera into iPhoto.  He was trying to get iMovie to import the two videos I took, but it wasn't working and then he got a phone call.

Figured I'd see what I could figure out.  Clearly, the red, yellow, and green balls that are similarly laid out to the minimize, maximize and close buttons in Windows, if on the opposite side of the window, do similar things.  I assume red closes and green maximizes, though I didn't have occasion to try either.  I did find that yellow minimizes, though.

I figured out, having seen David do it, that sweeping three fingers up from the bottom of the trackpad displays the ribbon of application icons across the bottom of the screen.  

Also played a little with scrolling using the trackpad.  Seems as if it is done with two fingers, and is the opposite of scrolling with the side of a Windows trackpad: two fingers swept up scrolls the page up where on Windows it would be like moving the "thumb" in the scroll bar to scroll the page down.

I couldn't seem to find the two videos in iPhoto.  Figured out how to go back and forth between iPhoto and iMovie using the ribbon.  I assume there's an easier way, akin to the Alt-Tab function in Windows.

Couldn't figure out how to get iMovie to recognize my camera, although the machine and iPhoto both did very quickly...

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